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  • Lior Weizman

Fitness habits

Good fitness habits are crucial in maintaining strong muscles and bones. Staying physically active will help you improve overall health, including mental and emotional health. Here are some guidelines:

  • Do 3 types of exercise: aerobic, strength and balance.

  • Track your heart rate with a smartwatch.

  • Do aerobic exercise (running for example) at least 5 days a week, each day for 45-60 min. 3 of these days should be moderate, where you are around 65-75% of your maximum heart rate, and in 2 days you should reach a high-intensity level of 75-100% of your maximum heart rate.

  • Adopt a sports routine - make sport a habit, not a special occasion. In exercise, consistency is more important than intensity. If it makes it easier, exercise with friends, in a group or pay a trainer.

  • Try to exercise when you wake up early in the morning before you eat.

  • Plan recovery time between workouts.

  • Make sure to also include sports that include thinking, like Tennis, Basketball etc.

  • Walk at least 10,000 steps every day. If you missed a day, make sure to complete 70,000 by the end of the week. This includes the steps you do while running.

  • Keep moving all day. Whenever possible, walk or cycle to your meetings, or park a bit further away so you can walk to your destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible.

  • Listen to your body - don’t exercise in a way that hurts yourself.

  • Don't sit more for than 30 minutes, you want to get your blood flow.

  • Track your BMI and improve it if needed.

  • Track and optimize your body fat percentage. Men should have 10%-20% body fat and women 15%-25% (aim to the lower range).

  • Track and optimize your heart-rate at rest.

  • Keep good posture when standing, walking, sitting and lying down.

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