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  • Lior Weizman

Healthy lifestyle habits

I spend large portion of my free time learning how I can live a healthier life and how to avoid meeting doctors any time soon. Over time, I have created this list of habits to live by.

The Why:

Our species of Homo sapiens started to emerge about 200,000 years ago, but many of our organ systems started to evolve millions of years ago. However, the modern conditions we live in today are far from being similar to the conditions that existed on earth before our time. The food we consume now, which is made possible by modern agriculture, is not the food our body was designed to consume when it first evolved over millions of years ago. This also applies to the environment we live in. The following blog posts present habits I find essential if you want to extend your lifespan and live healthier ever after:

  1. How and when to eat

  2. Daily “must have” food

  3. More healthy food

  4. Healthy drinking habits

  5. Breathing habits

  6. Fitness habits

  7. Good sleeping habits

  8. Other healthy habits

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