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  • Lior Weizman

How and when to eat

Not less important than "what we eat", it is also important to understand how and when to eat. Here are my conclusions:

  • Base your nutrition on a plant-based diet. I recommend you to be completely vegan if you can.

  • Always remember - not every food containing “healthy ingredients” is healthy food.

  • Whenever possible, eat organic food.

  • As much as possible, eat raw food (Uncooked and unprocessed).

  • Eat your food as fresh as possible.

  • Start your day with a good and healthy breakfast (Best after a daily workout).

  • Have at least 1 hour between waking up and eating breakfast.

  • Try to have your large daily serving of fresh greens during lunch (Probably as a salad).

  • Eat dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed (4 hours before is better).

  • If you must eat close to bedtime, eat cooked food and not fresh so that it will be digested easier.

  • Whenever possible, do not buy processed food. Buy the ingredients yourself and make your own food.

  • Don’t eat fried, grilled, overcook or burned food.

  • Don't eat food that contains trans-fat or more than 20% of unsaturated fat.

  • Don't take supplements (Other than B12 if you are vegan or Vitamin D if you don't spend much time in the sun).

  • Whenever possible, eat the whole fruit/vegetable.

  • Don’t eat food that has artificial colors or preservatives in it.

  • As much possible, buy products that don’t contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism).

  • Read the ingredient list and the nutrition labels BEFORE you buy the product. Learn how to read nutrition labels. Try to buy food with fewer ingredients on the list or no list at all. Make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients on the list.

  • Eat your meal in small portions and relatively slowly.

  • Chew your food thoroughly.

  • Don’t do “social eating” - Don’t eat when you aren't hungry.

  • Avoid the habit of having desserts.

  • Research shows that intermittent fasting or periodic calorie restriction can activate our longevity genes and potentially extend lifespan. My recommendation is to skip dinner once or twice a week (16 hours of fasting). I do NOT eat more before I fast.

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