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Book: The Ecosystem Project

The Israeli tech ecosystem is composed of many players, each plays a role in making Israel a strong player in the global entrepreneurship arena. The aim of The Ecosystem Project is to showcase some of the inspiring personas who make this ecosystem strive, expose their stories and insights, and add meaningful value to a range of readers.

The project contains interviews, photos, and insights from a diverse set of industry insiders on the following chapters: startups, investors, programs, open innovation,  academia, communities, hubs, and more. It was impossible to include every one of the thousands of entities that make up this mosaic of Israeli high-tech. Thus a filtering and voting process was used to determine what content will go in the book.

I was honored to be included in the judging committee that composed of 20 carefully selected women and men who represent different aspects of the Israeli high-tech ecosystem and are well familiar with it. I was also honored that my team and the activity I led back then - SAP.iO Foundry Tel-Aviv, was selected as one of the leading Open Innovation activities in Israel, and was featured in The Ecosystem Project!

Here are pages from the book that showcase our activities:

SAP.iO Foundry Tel-Aviv - The Ecosystem Project
Download PDF • 1.44MB

You can download the full book from here:

Photos from the book launch event:


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