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  • Lior Weizman

What is Grounding?

The term Grounding (or Earthing) refers to the contact between our body and the earth, which contributes to the reduction of inflammation and by that, can help to prevent a long list of diseases. Here is more about how mother earth is here to help us.

I will start by saying there's nothing spiritual in here – this post is about pure science. Direct contact of our body with the earth allows the body to be affected by the earth's electric charge. Studies shown that direct and continuous contact with the earth’s ground contributes to the reduction of inflammation in the body, pain, heart disease, hypertension, depression, stress, chronic fatigue, improves sleep quality and the ability to concentrate, and contributes to hormonal balance. There is also evidence that it helps with weight loss.

The science behind the phenomenon is super simple. There are many bioelectronic processes in our body that are affected by the electrical charge of our body. In addition, the human body can store positive electric charge, which can be a problem in nowadays as there are many electric devices we come in contact with and more and more electric fields that surround us. Unlike the human body, the earth’s surface has a negative electric charge, so touching the earth leads to the discharge of unnecessary energy and balance of many processes in our body.

Unfortunately, in the modern era, most of us barely touch the earth’s ground. Some of us don't touch the earth for days, weeks, or even months. In fact, we are the only living creature (except those we have domesticated) that doesn't touch the earth’s ground continuously. You don't have to be a genius to understand that we, like all other animals, evolved in the wild and were designed to touch the earth all the time. Our living conditions today are very different from those that mother earth planned for us over millions of years of evolution. We live in houses, sleep on beds, wear shoes with rubber soles, walk on sidewalks, drive cars… you get the point.

I highly recommend watching "The Earthing Movie" and reading the "Earthing" book (Links below)

You might have heard that one of the best ways to ease a Jet lag is to simply touch the ground in the country you landed in. It turns out that "synchronize the body" with the earth by touching it is one of the ways to help our biological clock to be "at the right time". The same synchronization is also important for many other processes in the body. There are many studies that show that contact with the earth contributes to a good night of sleep. Sleeping quality is of course critical because good and deep sleep helps the immune system to function more efficiently. So, should we go back to sleep on the earth ground? Not really. But here comes my favorite part – apparently you can cheat!

There are numbers of products available today that will help you get connected to the earth without leaving the comfort of your home! These are surfaces made of fabric that conducts electricity, and they are easily connected by wire to your home grounding socket. If the house or building you live in is properly grounded, connecting this surface to the grounding socket will contact it directly with the earth’s ground. You can then sleep, sit, step, or touch them, and by doing so you'll be touching the earth! This is genius! Just look for a "grounding mat" on your favorite shopping website.

If you want to learn more about grounding, I highly recommend watching The Earthing Movie, which also contains interviews with Clinton Ober, who was the first to research the subject. I also recommend reading or listening to Clinton's book called "Earthing", which you can find it on my list of recommended books.

To conclude, being in direct contact with the earth’s ground is without a doubt the most cost-effective activity you will find, and it turns out to be as necessary to our body just as food, water, and air are.

The grounding mat I sleep on, connected to the grounding socket:

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